August 14, 2013

Dear All,

Festival season finished for us last week at Arenal Sound in Valencia and we’d just like to say thank you to all those that came and saw across the summer. It was a bit interim for us, the shows coming in between sessions for writing the record, so even though it was a bit more stop/start our end we still got in at least twelve (I forget exactly) festivals in. I know there were a fair few people that travelled through different countries to see us a few times so special thanks to all of you. Playing in spells whilst making the record has served to keep the whole thing going rather than taking any kind of substantial time out, so we are hopeful we will be able to get our fourth album out and with you all some time around the start of next year. It will feature something else to go alongside it, which will be a first for us, and so far the music has been coming along quicker and better than before. Obviously we can’t be the judges of that really until it’s done and out there. But it’s exciting. Again, thank you for coming along and singing and making the run of shows fun, Latitude especially was up there with some of the more memorable ones on tour with ‘Given To The Wild’. There’ve been some really good guitar records come out this year, so hope they’ve caught your imagination as they have ours. Be in touch in the not too distant future.

The Maccabees