Happy New Year x

December 31, 2012

Dear All, In a few hours we will be playing the last Maccabees show of the year at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Festival. Before it happens, we would just like to put out a huge thank you to everybody that has supported our band over 2012. Given To The Wild has taken us over the world and it has been the best time we can remember. So, to those who waited the couple of years whilst we made the record and everyone who has just joined us over this last year, we owe you all for too many beautiful times to note. Playing music is a wonderful thing and being in a band that have known each other for so long and can travel the world still feeling like we’re moving the right way is something that is not lost on us.

The process for the next one will begin much quicker than before and we’ll be back home next week beginning what will be fourth Maccabees record. Once we do start we’ll also be able to collate what we have of the last year in videos and photo’s and will hopefully be able to share that in some form in the not too distant future. Plus, we’re on Top Of The Pops in fifteen minutes. Let’s hope there’s more bands on it next year. So, simply Thank You! And Happy New Year.

With love, The Maccabees x