NME award, USA tour & Big thanks

March 12, 2013

Dear All,

Firstly, thank you to the NME and all those that voted for us at the awards, it is a good feeling to have won Best Album, and a nice one to win because we hear it was voted for by the public. We were stranded in Chicago, our flight from Mexico City having just about survived a snow storm, so unfortunately arrived in London a couple of hours too late to accept it. Being woken up sleeping in a semi-circle around our gear in a foreign airport to the news was probably the most fitting conclusion possible to our year and a half on tour playing Given To The Wild though. You can see possibly the most budget acceptance speech of all time below.

Again, thank you to all involved and everyone who has written to us since saying how pleased they were that we won. We’re lucky to have you.

As we mentioned before, the touring is definitively over for a while now, bar some one-off festivals and shows over the summer, and we’re really glad we came out to the east coast of the USA and Mexico to do our first tour over those parts before we stopped. Good to meet those of you that we did and some of the shows were truly memorable and amongst the most exciting we’ve played. Special note going out to everyone at the Mexico City show, one of the loudest crowds we’ve ever played to. We will definitely be back. It will just be once we have a fourth album. In the meantime we will keep in touch and there will be various things going on including the continuation of our ‘hour or so of music’ podcast, next one to be done in the near future.